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Personal Finance Books

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Personal Finance BooksEvery once in a while someone will ask me for a personal finance book recommendation.  Personal finance books are a great way to learn more about personal finance (another great way is to subscribe to this site and receive my free personal finance e-course).  Whether you are hoping to cut your expenses, save more, get out debt, learn how to invest, or generally get your personal finances back in shape, these books can help.  They also make great birthday, Christmas, and wedding presents for others.

The truth is there are hundreds and hundreds of personal finance books out there.  I have found some to be incredibly useful and interesting and others a complete waste of time.

Fortunately, there are many that are worth reading and so I have created a personal finance book list for readers.  While I have read a lot of them, I haven’t read all of them (I’m still working my way through the list).  The ones I haven’t read come highly recommended by others though, so I thought it appropriate to include them so readers were aware of them.

Choosing a Personal Finance Book

So how do you know which to read?  Well, it really depends on what you want to learn and get out of the book.  I have broken the books out by topic to help make it easier to choose.  Some of the books are very specific while others are much more general in scope.

If you are having difficulty deciding which to read, I would probably start with one of the general personal finance books or one of the investing books.  These tend to be some of the most interesting, motivating, and useful personal finance books out there.

Many of these books may be checked out for free at your local library.  Alternatively, if you would like to add them to your personal library (I try and do this so my children will also be able to read them in the future and hopefully get a good start on their own finances), they are also available on Amazon (just click the links below) for a reasonable price.  Even if you don’t plan to purchase them, reading reviews on Amazon or elsewhere may help you decide which ones to choose.

If you think I have missed a book that should be on this list or have included one that shouldn’t be here, definitely let me know.  I want the list to be as accurate and helpful as possible.

For additional information on any of the personal finance topics covered by these books, check out the articles in the Personal Finance section of the site.

Personal Finance Book List

1. Budgeting

2. Credit

3. Credit Cards

4. Cut Expenses & Save Money

5. Estate Planning

6. Financial Recordkeeping

7. General Personal Finance

8. Get Out of Debt

9. Investing

10. Make Money

11. Money & Marriage

12. Retirement Planning

13. Saving for Education

14. Tax Planning

15. Teaching Children about Money


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