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What is a Custodial Account: UTMA Account vs UGMA Account

In the U.S., there are two main types of custodial accounts for minors: UGMA accounts and UTMA Accounts.  So what is a custodial account and what is the difference between a UTMA account and a UGMA account? In many jurisdictions, minor children are not able to enter into legal contracts like an adult can.  Therefore, [...]

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a thin plastic card issued by a bank or other financial institution that authorizes the holder to purchase goods or services on credit up to a predetermined credit limit. When a consumer makes a purchase using a credit card, the bank credits the account of the merchant.  The bank then bills [...]

Restaurant.com Reviews – Scam or Legit?

When I read my first Restaurant.com reviews, I thought it was a scam.  It couldn't possibly be legit.  Why on earth would anyone sell a $25 restaurant gift certificate for only $4 - $10? // However, I decided to give it a try.  I logged on to the website and searched for participating restaurants near where I [...]

How to Avoid Probate: Techniques for Avoiding Probate

Once people understand what probate is and its downsides, it’s not a surprise that their next question is oftentimes how to avoid probate.  Fortunately, there are a number of available techniques for avoiding probate.   With careful planning, probate avoidance can generally be accomplished without too much difficulty. There are a number of techniques for avoiding probate, [...]

Bradley Birkenfeld: The IRS Whistleblower Reward Program & $104 Million

The IRS whistleblower reward program is intended to reward people for coming forward when they see wrongdoing.  Some whistleblowers have made millions through this program, including Bradley Birkenfeld, who the IRS paid $104 million to in whistleblower compensation. Bradley Birkenfeld is a former UBS banker.  While still working at UBS, Birkenfeld began providing the US [...]

BillCutterz Review:  Lower Your Bills & Save Money

Imagine that there was a company out there that could lower your bills by negotiating lower rates for you with all your service providers?  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, fortunately for you and I, such a company exists.  It is called BillCutterz , and its goal is to lower your bills and [...]

Upromise: A Review of Upromise.com Cash Rewards

Do you want to earn some free cash?  Then consider signing up for the Upromise.com cash rewards program.  As my Upromise review below explains in more detail, this is a free program that rewards you for everyday purchases that you are already making, such as online purchases, eating out, and buying groceries.  Those rewards are in [...]

Dealing with Divorce: Finances after Surviving Divorce

Coping with and surviving divorce can be an uphill battle for many.  Dealing with divorce is never easy and presents a myriad of challenges, some financial and some more personal in nature.  Creating a post-divorce personal finance action plan can be a great move to get your personal finances back on track. Below are some [...]

What is a Will? Will & Living Will Basics

We’ve all heard that we should create a will, oftentimes referred to as a “last will and testament.”  What is a will and what role does a will and living will play in estate planning? A will is a legal document that details a person’s final wishes concerning what they want to happen after their [...]

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