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12% Returns: The Investment Everyone Needs to Know About

Yes you read the title correctly--For nearly a year I have been investing in an investment that I believe will produce about a 12% long term average annual return for me.  No, this is not a get rich quick scheme or some kind of gimmick but rather a relatively new kind of investment that I [...]

Peer to Peer Lending: Prosper & Lending Club Reviews

Peer to peer lending sites, such as Prosper and Lending Club, facilitate the lending of money by investors to other consumers who are looking to borrow money.  Read on for my Prosper & Lending Club reviews. Peer to peer lending can greatly benefit both investors and borrowers.  For investors, it adds additional diversification to their investment portfolio and provides the opportunity to [...]

Real Estate Investing 101: Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

I’m a big fan of investing in real estate.  Although I set money aside in tax advantaged retirement accounts and have other investments, I hope to be able to fully fund my future retirement with income from real estate.  Real estate investing has the potential to create wealth like few other investments can. Real estate [...]

Becoming a Landlord 101: How to Be a Landlord & Make Money

Becoming a landlord can be an intimidating task.  Many people have no idea how to be a landlord but become one out of necessity or in the hopes of making money. There’s a chance you may become a landlord at one time or other during your life, if you haven't already.  Perhaps you need to [...]

Annuity Basics 101: How Annuities Work

Annuity Basics 101: How Annuities Work

Annuities are a tool to hedge against a very real and serious risk:  that of running out of money during retirement.  There are many valid reasons to be worried about running out of money: Traditional pensions are becoming rare. Nobody knows what will happen to Social Security. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, and employer provided healthcare [...]

Investment Strategies 101: How to Invest

Investment Strategies 101: How to Invest

Knowing how to invest and choosing appropriate investment strategies are a crucial part of any personal financial plan, but there are some things that should probably take priority. It generally doesn’t make sense to start investing if you are paying high interest on debt since even the best investment strategies aren’t likely to make anywhere [...]

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