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February 2013

Auto Loans 101: Auto Financing Essentials

I’m not a huge fan of auto loans.  I prefer to finance assets that are likely to appreciate over time and/or that receive beneficial tax treatment (i.e. a home, education, etc).  Auto financing doesn't normally tick either of these boxes. Vehicles tend to depreciate the second you drive them off the lot, and the interest [...]

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

I worked a lot of low paying on-campus jobs when I was in college in order to support myself, pay my tuition, and graduate from college debt free.  Few people would envy most of the jobs I worked.  However, during my last two years in college, I worked a job that I absolutely loved: I [...]

What is a Trust & How Does a Trust Work?

We all hear about trusts from time to time, but what is a trust and how does a trust work?  Are they only for the wealthy, or can they also be appropriate for people of more moderate means? A trust is basically an agreement whereby a person transfers property to another person or company that [...]

Alternative Minimum Tax 101:  The AMT Tax Explained

In 1969, over 150 wealthy individuals avoided paying any U.S. federal income taxes through the use of deductions and other legal tax breaks.  In an attempt to ensure that the affluent pay at least some tax, Congress instituted the alternative minimum tax, also commonly referred to as the AMT tax. An AMT exemption was also [...]

20 Easy Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill

If you are like me then you are always searching for ways to save money.  Around this time of year utility bills tend to skyrocket for many people.  Fortunately there are some easy ways to lower your utility bills. Although some of these ideas do require making a purchase, many, if not all of these [...]

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