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January 2013

Federal Student Loan Essentials

This is the third of a four part article series on student loans.  This article covers federal student loan basics.  Other articles cover an introduction to student loans, private student loans, and choosing between federal and private loans. If you are thinking of taking out a federal student loan, it's important to understand how they [...]

Lower Your Taxes by Bunching Deductions

If you are like most people, your eyes probably begin to glaze over the second someone starts discussing taxes.  Whenever I can't sleep at night I just grab the Internal Revenue Code and start reading and that usually does the trick.  If you suffer from insomnia you should try that some time.  I can't perform [...]

How I Make Money With Maternity Insurance

I can’t think of many types of insurance where you have a reasonably high likelihood of making money.  Insurance is typically used to hedge against risks that although very unlikely to occur, could be catastrophic if they did occur.  When you do sustain a covered loss, insurance generally attempts to put you back in the [...]


Well it is time for Personal Finance Insider’s first giveaway – a $50 Amazon gift card! Here are a few ideas of what you could purchase with the gift card: TurboTax or other tax preparation software (it's that time of year) Personal Finance Books The Amazon Deal of the Day The gift that you really [...]

Private Student Loans

This is the second of a four article series on student loans.  This article covers private student loans.  The other articles cover the following topics: introduction to student loans, federal student loans, and choosing between federal and private loans. If you must take out student loans, it’s important to understand your options so that you can borrow [...]

An Introduction to Student Loans

This is the first of a four article series on student loans.  The other articles will cover private student loans, federal student loans, and choosing between private and federal loans. An education can be a very worthwhile investment in a student’s future and a very wise choice.  Studies have shown that as education goes up, [...]

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