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October 2012

Estate Planning Basics

Estate planning is one of the most important components of a financial plan.  It also tends to be one of the areas people neglect the most.  I can’t tell you how many new clients I have met with who haven’t had an estate plan in place. An estate consists of all of the property that [...]

Homeowners Insurance Basics

Your home is likely the biggest purchase and investment of your life.  Losing your home or belongings in your home could be financially devastating.  Homeowners insurance allows people to insure their home and personal property and protect themselves from liability. Homeowners insurance is generally purchased to replace or repair a home or personal property in [...]

Credit Card Basics: Why I Love Credit Cards & You Should Too

I still remember sitting in one of my college accounting classes and my professor announcing that we were going to talk about credit cards that day.  I remember thinking, “this should be a short discussion -- he’s going to tell us that credit cards are bad and that we should never use them.”  I was [...]

Auto Insurance Basics

I started purchasing my own auto insurance in college.  I didn’t know a thing about auto insurance at the time, and I remember purchasing only the minimum coverage required by law (which wasn’t nearly enough) in order to reduce the premiums I paid.  I shudder to think what would have happened had I hit a [...]

Budgeting 101: How to Budget

Few words in the English language invoke more dread and horror than the words “budget” or “budgeting.”  Some people would rather pluck their eyes out with a fork than learn how to budget. Like it or not, budgeting plays a crucial role in any personal financial plan.  It is a means to ensure that our [...]

Financial Records 101:  Financial Recordkeeping Made Easy

While I was in college, my financial recordkeeping strategy consisted of throwing my important papers (all 6 or so of them) into a junk drawer.  Finding important financial records always ended up being a stressful process that wasn’t always successful, and my personal finances suffered as a result. Once I got married and started working [...]

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